Here is a travel checklist you should consider

Make a note of this travel checklist, because you will need this as your trip approaches. Whether you are headed to meet a koala bear in Australia or to sip the popular tea in  Darjeeling, this checklist will help you prepare for the trip. 

  1. Travel Essentials!

Here’s what you need to do if you plan to travel by trains, planes and cars.

  • For trains:

Without the proper travel paperwork, you won’t get very far. If you have pre-booked your tickets from a train ticket booking app, make sure you revise all the details before you leave for the tour. Be in check for changes in train timings if they occur. Luggage locks and a small bag of valuables is always advisable.

  • For planes:

There is much more to keep in check while travelling by plane than a passport reminder. Confirm your flight timings! Seems like a trivial point to address but it’s true. People tend to misread their flight timings. Keep your PNR status and number in handy. This applies to both trains and plane travel. Here’s a crucial tip – Make copies of your travel papers and documents. Also, make sure you are all set to have a seamless flight onboarding.

  • For cars:

You are on your own! This should sound more exciting than overwhelming. Though you become responsible for your safety and management. The travel itinerary is completely in your hand. You just have to make a roadmap and a plan of your route. Make sure you don’t make any changes to the tour plan unless you are familiar with the place. Uncertainties are inevitable. Avail yourself a road trip protection insurance before you set to leave.

1. Personal carry-ons:

The next step is to prepare a list of personal essentials that you want to keep with yourself every second of the trip. These carry-ons can be simple yet crucial stuff like an energy bar, lip balm, face wash etc. In case your flight is delayed, a book can always be handy for the wait. At times your luggage might get misplaced, so the extra outfit that you carried saved you for the time being. Never forget a power bank anywhere you go.

2. Home business before you set off:

It was never as easy as bidding goodbye, locking the door and happily dragging a suitcase for the tour. Leaving home for days required a thorough checking. Why not follow this checklist below so that you don’t be paranoid about the running water while you are on that serene indigo flight.

✓ Pay your bills in advance.

✓ Make arrangements for pet, yard, and plant care.

✓ Halt all daily items like milk, newspapers.

✓ A thorough glance at taps, gas pipes & switchboards. Make sure you turn off the master switches for the same.

✓ Lock all the doors and windows securely.

✓ Leave an extra key with a trusted companion.

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