All you must need to know about before buying Menu holders

In our life, we all have taken food in restaurants, and the owner showcases several things on us. Management of the restaurant takes more concern, and everything must be perfect for attracting lots of new customers. If you are a restaurant owner, then you know about the value of each thing used in the table. There are lots of tables, and all are decorated with many things. Food is an imperative part of it, and we can display it with Menu holders. These are in the form of cards or boards and give the right impression to customers. Menus cards tell about which kind of foods we are serving and other services with the rate list.

Showing the menu card is an art, and several restaurants used stylish menu holders. On regular time we can go for new items for decorating restaurants. Plenty of designs are available, and we can pick according to our hotel theme. It is essential to know how to buy a perfect menu holder, and in this guide, we are sharing vital information. First of all, you can go indoor or outdoor because the material depends on that.

Must be stylish

Style factor is the most significant part of the decoration, and the holders are not only for cards but also for amazing looks. The buyers do not hurry to get, and they should check out all the collections in the store. Always pick the unique style that can be helpful to your hotel income.

Size and shape

Enormous shapes are available for us, and we can get only according to our table. Do not go for large size and measure several factors before that. Vertical stands are the right one, but you can also try horizontal. The final decisions are yours but avoid cartoon type shapes because they are not an elegant one.

Know the material

Generally, menu holders are made with plastic, and they are common. Wooden material is also in fashion, and you can go with it. The plastic is waterproof, and we can use it in outdoor locations. Choosing the holders is all about your interests and choices.

Quick to clean

In hotels, many people are spending time and eating food daily with a big crowd. Cleaning is the most necessary part of it, and we go with easy clean options. Regular plastic holders are easy to clean, and we can wash them several times.  Wooden stands are non-washable so that you can skip it for purchasing.

In budget

The budget is an essential part of our hotel, and we no need to invest a high amount if our income is not significant.  Make your budget according to needs and do not go for expensive products. Plastic menu holders are less costly, and they are durable also.


Durable products always get the right attraction because it is worthy. Find out the durability of menu holders, and you can buy them from the online store also. 

5 Awesome ways to make your staycation in Udaipur memorable

The city of Udaipur in Rajasthan will leave you spellbound with its beauty, warmth, and hospitality. This place leaves a lasting imprint in your heart. Set on the green backdrop of Aravalli Hills, dotted by crystal clear lakes and adorned by historical monuments, this one is a royal charmer.

In Udaipur, not a single moment is boring. Every time it unfolds a new magic and wins your heart. Here are 5 awesome ways to make your staycation in Udaipur memorable.

Stay in heritage hotels

In Udaipur, many palaces are converted into grand hotels. They attract tourists from all over the world and give them a slice of royal Rajasthani life. With their artistic embellishment, vintage décor, glorious ambience, sumptuous cooking, and enchanting views, these luxurious palace resorts make your staycation unforgettable.

Some Heritage Hotels are beautiful places to stay in Udaipur.

  • City Palace
  • The Leela Palace
  • Madri Haveli
  • MewarHaweli
  • Shiv Niwas Palace
  • The Taj Lake Palace

Visit the lakes

Udaipur is called The City of the Lakes and also Venice of the East. No one can escape the serenity and the shimmering beauty these lakes reflect. Enigmatic and historical, the lakes in Udaipur are a sight to behold.  Don’t miss these famous lakes 

  • Lake Pichola
  • FatehSagar Lake
  • Rajsamand Lake
  • DoodhTalai
  • Badi Lake
  • SwaroopSagar lake

Eat authentic Rajasthani cuisine

Rajasthan has great food history that has travelled from generation to generation. Sitting in royal ambience and enjoying tasty Rajputanafood completes your stay in Udaipur. Some of the much loved Rajasthani dishes are Ker-Sangri, Gatta Curry, PapadkiSabji, Lal Maans, DhoongarMaans, RajasthaniKadhi, MirchiBada, Ghevar, Kachori and last but not the least, Dal BaatiChurma. 

Take a tour of the palaces

When in Udaipur, live like a royal, travel like a royal. Visit the palaces, and you will know why this city is loved and respected throughout the world. The ancient glory of the palaces in Udaipur will leave you entranced. Famous palaces in Udaipur are 

  • The Monsoon Palace
  • The City Palace Museum
  • Udaipur City Palace
  • The Lake Palace
  • JagMandir

Visit Saheliyonki Bari

Your Udaipur staycation is incomplete without a visit to Saheliyonki Bari, an exquisitely crafted garden. Rana Sanga of the Mewar Dynasty built the garden for his beloved queen. Fountains, lotus pools, marble elephants, sculpted figurines add to the beauty of the lush green lawns and colourful flowerbeds.

Enjoy your staycation in Udaipur to the fullest with traditional shopping, puppet show, heritage walk, temple visits, horse riding, and a lot more. Go explore!