Exploring Paris from the comfort of your couch

These days, air transportation is quite uncertain, unless you’re residing in Paris, you might not have been able to walk down its fabulous city anytime soon. Check out this article for your reference to exploring Paris in the comfort of your home. 

#1 Decorate your space 

Establish a Paris-inspired atmosphere as the first step in getting ready for a night out in Paris without having to leave your place. For quick encouragement, we strongly encourage browsing the pages of a French design magazine. We strongly advise layering light, neutral tones, and shiny surfaces in the same way the French do. People also admire how they utilize oversized mirrors and their initiative to use natural linen, metal, and wood colors and textures. 

A quick search on Pinterest for “Paris apartments” will yield a wealth of useful ideas, particularly for creative DIY projects. Because brass light fixtures can be pricey, why not pick up a used one at a thrift store or a community garage sale and give it a homemade brass finish with such good quality spray paint? Large mirrors, on the other hand, can easily set you back a few hundred dollars in a store. Instead, give an old mirror a coat of gold paint if you have one lying around the house. Tada! You have a classic mirror, similar to those used by the French. 

#2 Wrap yourself in the streets of Paris 

Map art seems to be another option for bringing the aesthetic of Paris’ streets into your home. If you want to design your space in a French style, it’s obvious that Paris is a place that holds significant meaning for you. Why not use maps of this exciting city to design your interior and remind people of the awesome memories you created the last time you visited? 

Consider incorporating a framed city map print of Paris into your wall mural like this one from Point Two Design. Place it in a prominent location where it will catch your eye as you pass by. Attempt to discover a city map in a neutral black and white color scheme to accurately portray Parisian elegance. 

#3. Serve up a fancy french beverage 

Even if you’ve wanted to treat yourself to a glass of real Champagne, now would be the moment. If you prefer beer, try a pack of Kronenburg, whose flavor will travel you to a Parisian patio in no time. Even cooler to make a classic Parisian cocktail, the Black Rose, which dates back to the Art Deco era. 2 oz French Vermouth, 1 oz blackberry cordial, 1 teaspoon blackberry syrup, garnished with a few fresh blackberries. 

#4. Prepare a French dish 

Given the small size of Parisian residences, it’s no surprise that several Parisians dine out. Almost anyone would crave traditional dishes made with simple ingredients if they ate dinner at a restaurant every night of the week. As such, learn a thing or two from a Parisian menu and try some of their traditional stewed dishes, like boeuf bourguignon, where it has a remarkably simple recipes but is packed with flavor thanks with only 6 hours of cooking process. 

#5. Enjoy a film set in Paris 

Nothing beats a good movie for transporting you to another world. And, since we want to pretend, we’re choosing to spend a night in Paris, a movie set in Paris is the ideal way of bringing our objective together. A great movie like Funny Face, An American in Paris, or Charade is a great option. 

#6. Buy a fancy French treat 

Having good food that has been simmering, you’re sipping a cocktail, and your bedroom has the feel of a Parisian apartment. The cherry on the cake for designing your ideal stay-at-home occasion in Paris is to treat yourself towards something particularly unique, if not a little extravagant. 

We recommend picking up some fancy French baked goods or even some of those vibrant colored macarons from your local bakery. If sweets aren’t your stuff, treat yourself to a cheese board and a crusty baguette as an alternative to dessert after dinner. How bad could it be if that’s how the French eat their cheese? 

There is never enough travel in one’s life. A vacation does not always have to include plane tickets and a trip to an exotic location. Making a night at home into a special occasion can sometimes be enough to refuel and get some more energy. It makes no difference how you allocate your Paris stay-cation as long as you’re with the person you trust and comfortable with. 

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