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The Complete Guide to Exploring Las Vegas

Going to Vegas involves more thanbeing dressed to the nines and leaving the rest to fate: everything you do must be planned to perfection. That’s the trick to ensuring your Vegas vacation is the best you’ve had so far—and this guide can help you with that. 

Places to See

Of course, Vegas doesn’t get any better than the exemplary tourist spot it’s so famous for: the Strip. From 2000 to 2019, some 42.52 million people dropped in to visit Vegas—and most were thereto see the Strip. What makes the Strip so great is the fact that it houses most of the tourist attractions a traveler wishes to see in Vegas. There isn’t much back-and-forth when it comes to the Strip. 

In addition to losing—or making it, if you’re a good gambler—money over at the Strip, we’d highly recommend taking a helicopter ride over Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon. Seeing the Grand Canyon from a bird’s eye view is like few other experiences in Nevada. 

There’s also, of course, the High Roller at the LINQ. One of Vegas’s best-known skyline features to have emerged in the past years, the High Roller is basically an observation wheel—one that reaches 550 feet into the sky. If you’re up here and look down at the city, you feel an adrenaline rush that’s almost impossible to describe. You are, in a manner of saying, on top of the world. 

Where to Eat

There’s no end to the eating spots you can find in Vegas: from Michelin star restaurants to street food, the city is packed with all kinds of edibles and cooks. Depending on the amount of money you’re comfortable parting ways with, you can drop in to fine dine at Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen—or buy tacos for less than $5 at Frijoles and Frescas. Never, for a moment, think that you can’t eat cheap in Vegas. This YouTuber—and this one, and this one—will prove you wrong. 

All you need is the determination to scour the streets of Sin City, and you’ll find Vegas is highly rewarding in terms of its food scene. There’s no way you can go hungry in this city, no matter your budget. 

What to Pack

Here’s the ultimate packing tip: always make a list before you set to work. Having a list will ensure you don’t miss out on a single item that you should be carrying with you. It’s easy to forget small things—like toiletries and documents. With a list, you effectively prevent that misstep from taking place. 

As for what to pack… 

Walking Shoes

Naturally, your ultimate Las Vegas packing list begins with a good pair of sturdy shoes—one that will last you on all your treks and walks. While you could cruise in a car if you wanted, most Vegas visitors find it far easier to go about Sin City on foot. 

That way, they can make their way from one place on the Strip to another without having to park multiple times. Walking also reduces the amount of money you’re spending on commute—which makes it an overall desirable option. 

Just make sure you’ve found the right pair of walking shoes!


Vegas is, after all, in the middle of the desert. It’s easy to forget that once you’re in here—with all those lights and people to blind and delude you. Nevada tends to get very hot, though, and you’d better come prepared for it. 

Sun protection should be high on your priority list—and not just because you don’t want a tan. Sun exposure can very easily lead to skin cancer—something we’re sure you don’t want to deal with. 

Bring a good sunscreen with you—SPF 40 or above will work—and be generous when applying it. And don’t forget the ears! You can also bring a hat along with you for extra protection—and it makes for a great fashion statement as well!


If you’re planning to make your presence known at the many bars, clubs, and casinos in Sin City—you’re going to need a valid ID. Pack thesedocuments carefully and keep them with you at all times—losing your government-issued documents and identification while vacationing in Vegas is something you don’t want. It’s a lot of hassle that you can easily avoid by carrying a small travel bag, one that holds all your documents. Make sure this bag is small and portable so you won’t have much trouble carrying it everywhere with you. 

Where to Store Your Luggage?

Maybe you’re only stopping in Vegas for a night or two. You might even be going through Vegas when your actual destination is someplace else. Or perhaps you’re carrying such a great amount of luggage from earlier trips that you won’t feel comfortable keeping it all at a hotel. In that case, you’ll need luggage storage options—which are few and far between. You can:

Keep Your Luggage in a Hotel

Naturally, this is the easiest option. You can book a room in a hotel and leave all your luggage there, conveniently going off on any business that you have to attend for the day. There’s only a small problem here: hotels are expensive. If you won’t be in your room for the entire night, and are only booking that room for luggage storage purposes, is paying $133 a night sensible?

Motels or Airbnbs

While motels and Airbnbs are definitely cheaper, they’re also considerably less safe than hotels. Leaving your luggage in these locations for long stretches of time poses a risk—one that you might not want to take with any valuables. Which brings us to your third and best option… 

Leave Your Luggage with Cubby

Cubby, unlike hotels and Airbnbs, is a service that specifically catersto baggage storage. We have locations in multiple places in multiple cities, which include Austin, Dallas, Atlanta, Galveston, Fort Worth, Boston, Houston, Washington D.C.,Las Vegas, and San Antonio. For only $5.90, you can leave one bag for one night with us—and for every additional night, you’ll be paying only $3.90 in addition. Talk about affordable luggage storage while you’re in Vegas! 

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