Is It Expensive To Travel To Bhutan?  

Bhutan is a beautiful country amidst the lap of the Himalayas and enriched with gorgeous beauty such as rivers, mountains, forests, and diverse flora and fauna. The people of the country believe in maintaining its exotic lifestyle and culture. And to protect this culture against mass tourism, the Bhutan government has come up with a high-cost, low-impact policy. According to this policy, tourists are charged fixed travel fees per day. Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian tourists are charged with Bhutan currency of US$200 per person. Initially, it would seem expensive, but if you learn about the system, you will realize that a Bhutan trip provides value for money.

Reasons for Bhutan’s expensiveness

Bhutan offers an adventurous trip, but don’t you consider a Bhutan tour cheap one? Several reasons portray why Bhutan is so expensive for tourists. A[art from this, there are various other things that your travel fees per day cover.

Internal charges

This is why Bhutan is so expensive, as your daily travel fees include all internal charges and taxes. This might look like a considerable amount to pay, but this amount ensures the country’s sustainability.

Tourism fee

Here is another reason why Bhutan is so expensive. A small portion of the daily fees of tourists contributes to the country’s free healthcare and free education, and it also helps in the maintenance of infrastructure.


While you won’t enjoy high star accommodation in the daily fees you have to pay, you will experience accommodation of average standard. This means that you don’t need to pay any extra costs for your accommodation unless you desire to stay in a more luxurious hotel.


Your daily travel fees will ensure that you get your meals every day during your trip. But you won’t be able to enjoy delicious or high-paying cuisines, but you will be properly fed during your trip.

Tour guide

A professional tour guide will also come in your travel fees that you would pay every day during your stay in Bhutan. This means that you would explore the place with ease along with a professional guide.


Your daily tour fee would cover up the costs of internal transport but is not covered for Bhutan flights, so if you are planning to board an internal flight during your trip, remember to make payment for internal flights separately. There are also no discounts available, so this makes Bhutan the most expensive country.

Cost during varying travel seasons

You need to pay varying amounts of money per day as per the season that you visit. During low season months ranging from December to February or June to August, tourists need to pay around USD 200 per person, while high season can cost you around USD 250 per day per person. Solo travelers pay the most for a Bhutan trip, around USD 290, while a massive group of people traveling together can expect a little bit of a discount. If you are a resident of Singapore and have a desire to travel to Bhutan, consult with travel insurance Singapore as it would help you a lot.

How to cut down Bhutan tour cost

  • Visit during low season months and cut down the cost for Bhutan trip, as this would save USD 50 per person and is cheaper during these days.
  • Another excellent way to cut down your Bhutan cost is to travel in a large group, as you could achieve discounts. You also don’t have to pay extra.
  • Make sure to buy your flights in advance to cut down on extra costs, as it would become more affordable.


A trip to Bhutan is a memorable experience, and due to the expensive cost, most people don’t repeat the journey, so they desire to achieve the most out of this single trip as much as possible. Yes, Bhutan offers expensive tours as its trip fees include several things. However, besides these fees, a Bhutan trip is a fantastic trip to experience.

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